Hello, I am Amy.
Disruptor. Eternal Optimist. Humanist. Kinesiologist.

Rehabilitation Professional. Podcaster. Founder.

Practitioner of the Quantum Genius method.

CEO. Survivor. Meditator. Speaker.


Doer of many things.


But enough about me...this is truly all about you.  


The world needs YOUR GENIUS more than ever, are you willing to take the first step to get there? 

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I have spent most of my life serving others.

I was the eldest of my siblings, was a caregiver to my father as he battled cancer, losing him at a young age, and had to figure things out the hard way.


No matter what happened to me - I have always held the vision of what my purpose truly was. I have worked mainly in healthcare all of my life as a kinesiologist and rehabilitation professional. I have worked in the physical health space, in the mental health space, in public and private sectors, dabbled in real estate. I have lived many lives. 


What you see today is a culmination of my life’s work, so far. I intend to live on and live many more lives. I am a survivor of domestic violence, of terminal cancer, of things gone wrong. I am also an eternal optimist that knows that everything is going to be ok, no matter how grim it can look on the outside. 

I inspire others. People tell me I have a spark in my eyes and passion in my voice when I talk about my why and the story behind why I am here today.
I agree….it made me who I am and I damn proud of it. 

I use it to change the lives of others.

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What started out as a passion project, has now grown into a movement. We are so excited about the outcomes this podcast has had on people’s lives. Here are some comments made by people who have listened to the podcast:

“I was moved and cannot believe the stories I am hearing but also the success afterwards.”

“I appreciate you sharing your beautiful story with the world, it makes me realize I am not alone.”

Tune in to my podcast and make sure you leave a review if it touches you. 


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