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Amy is Founder and CEO of FindyourHCP - can speak to the healthcare crisis and how HealthTech will change things for the good. Since surviving cancer and various other experiences, she has committed her life to helping others shift their perspective to build self confidence, self-worth and thrive no matter their situation. She has an infectious laugh and passion that drives everyone who hears her want to do more for themselves. 

Amy has over 20 years of experience in various startups with a career in healthcare. She is most passionate about sharing what she calls her "secret to life" : step by step process about incorporating physical exercise with mindfulness and energetics for healing and thriving no matter what is happening!

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Amy speaks avidly about the following:

Resilience, Business startup stress and 10 easy ways to combat it in real time, Surviving and thriving

Abundance mindset and how to leverage your relationships to grow exponentially, 

3 easy ways to go from confusion/un certainty to clarity in your career or business search,

How to make it as a woman in tech while raising a family of five,

 Why women in tech are so needed for a future of inclusion,

 The importance of the “other” in diversity and inclusion,

Flexible work in healthcare and how it will improve our access to healthcare during this crisis,

How companies can save money by taking care of the health of their employees,

What to do as an employer and employee after a long absence from work so both win.

If you have an event with people who want to learn more about the mind, body and energetic aspects of surviving, thriving and translating your skills into a career or business, reach out to Amy to see how you can make a great event even more amazing.

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