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Experience the first episode of the Second Season!

Experience the second episode of the Second Season

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Amy's highly anticipated second season DIVES DEEPER and shares harrowing stories of survivorship and triumph.


Amy connects with truly inspiring survivors and encourages them to openly share their stories that are at times unbelievable.


These stories will inspire and spark hope for those who need it. 


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Episode 10: Breaking The Cycle of Pain

I am honoured to share Katie Koslowski’s story with you. 

A story of neglect, alcoholism, assault, and abuse… a story about overcoming and using her experience to support women.




Episode 11: Walking The Path of Resilience

This week, I will be speaking to Blair Kaplan Venables. Blair is a social media expert and the Founder of the I Am Resilient Project, which focuses on sharing and curating stories of resilience to assist both readers and writers in their healing process.




Episode 12: Mindfulness, Meditation and Manifestation

Two years ago, Brenda was pregnant with twins. A few months prior to her due date, Brenda was hospitalized for 30+ days before being thrust into an emergency C-section. Due to the hospital’s capacity, her twins were transferred to another NICU - away from Brenda for the first few days of their lives. When Brenda met her twins for the first time, they were wearing masks and hooked up to IVs. After Brenda was able to take them home with her and her husband two months later, everything seemed out of place. Nothing was the way that Brenda thought it would be and soon after, she began to realize that something was seriously wrong. About a year later, Brenda was diagnosed with PTSD from her traumatic birth experience, and slowly she began to accept her experience and heal. 



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Episode 13: The Gift of Adversity

When Samra was 16, she was forced into an arranged marriage with an older man that she did not know. She was shipped to Canada, barely speaking english, and was forced to perform a role of wife and mother that she was not ready for. Although culturally, Samra’s marriage was accepted by her immediate family members and community, she knew that something wasn’t right. She had bigger hopes and dreams to get an education, build a career, and create a life for herself that was free from her family duties. After ten years of enduring abuse, while slowly saving up money from a small babysitting business, Samra was finally able to attend University and things started to change. At the University of Toronto, Samra was celebrated for her intelligence and found the resources and strength to leave her husband. Today, Samra has graduated at the top of her class, been named one of the top 100 most powerful women in Canada, and her book “A Good Wife: Escaping The Life I Never Chose” is a bestseller. 




Episode 14: From Refugee Survivor to Real Estate Mogul 

A self-made millionaire, Tahani Aburaneh came from extremely humble beginnings. After being born to Palestinian parents in a refugee camp in Amman, Jordan, and being supported by international aid groups, Tahani was married against her will at age 15 to her cousin and sent to Canada without speaking a word of English. Determined not to be defined by her circumstances, she finished high school and managed to complete a business diploma from Conestoga College. Eventually, Tahani managed to leave her marriage and went on to build several successful businesses and a thriving real estate empire. Today she is also author of Real Estate Riches: A Money-Making Game Plan for the Canadian Investor, and is one of the country’s leading experts on real-estate investing.




Episode 15: Learning To Love Yourself

Fortunate to have several parents due to divorce, Jodi Kovitz came from a large family that shaped her view on making lemonade out of hard situations. As Jodi grew up, she adopted the mindset of always trying to find the positive out of pain. After having her daughter Lilly, Jodi and her husband divorced. A family lawyer at the time, Jodi hit a breaking point where she recognized that the life she was living was not the right path for her. This sparked a metamorphosis, where Jodi recognized the negative behaviours she was manifesting and began to see that their impacts were bigger than herself. After realizing the behaviours were happening, Jodi focused on herself development to heal the wounds that would change her life and create a bigger impact. Today, Jodi Kovitz is the Founder and CEO of #MoveTheDial, the host of the Joyful Sundays podcast, and a certified meditation instructor.




Episode 16: Growing Pains

After Avery Francis was promoted to her dream job, she was sexually assaulted at a work social. Put in a precarious position as part of the company’s HR department, Avery made the difficult decision to come forward and take action. However, although the individual was let go, Avery could not let go of the feeling that she was unsafe at her workplace. Months went by and she slowly became more and more depressed, suppressing her emotions of the incident, rather than dealing with them. After an emotional breakdown, Avery took a leave of absence where she found art therapy and began to move through the trauma that had occurred. Upon arrival back to her job, Avery made the decision to leave the company to continue her pathway to thrive. Today, Avery is the Founder of Bloom, a full service workplace design consultancy.



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Episode 17: Opening Up About Stillbirth │Farah Nasser

Farah Nasser is an award winning journalist who has dedicated her voice to elevating people of colour. Recently, Farah opened up about her personal experience with the stillbirth of her son Hussain, live on Global News. Throughout this episode, Amy and Farah trade stories about what it was like growing up as children of immigrant parents, and their pregnancies with their twins. Farah talks about the moment she found out that one of her twins had passed away in her womb, and the psychological effects it had on her as she continued to carry both twins. Today, Farah discusses her stillbirth openly to raise awareness on the subject and remembers Hussain fondly with her husband and two children. 




Episode 18: Adoption and Identity in Adulthood

When Leigh Mitchell was three months old, she was given up for adoption. Her adopted parents divorced when she was only a year old, causing disruption to the stability she felt from an early age. In school, Leigh struggled to find her stability, suffering from learning disabilities and constantly moving from place to place. Eventually after finding her footing in high school, Leigh watched her father buy a resort and suffer from a nervous breakdown that changed the course of his life. As a business owner herself today, Leigh has spent years helping both herself and others heal from similar traumas. In adulthood, Leigh managed to reconnect with her biological parents, putting together estranged pieces of her identity and began counselling to better understand how her traumas had affected her life. Today, Leigh is a thriving entrepreneur as the founder of Women in Business Network, a group of 30K+ women created to support female business owners. 



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