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How do we make change at only 15 minutes a day?

How do I get to success? 

The Power of Habit on your Mind, Body and Soul
The Importance of Habits and Vision

People often wonder why habits are so important to create. We all hear about the success stories, and we love to read about them. What do all these big names have in common? Things like – making their bed everyday, waking up earlier than the rest of the world, visualizing and meditating everyday. I have spent many years talking about my own progression through the world of habits. Today, I want to share some information with you so you can start to develop a roadmap that is customized for you and is to implement. It really should not take more than 15 minutes a day per
task, no need to drop your family or work and that is what makes this program so successful.

Habit Formation Takes an average of 66 days
In fact, it can take anywhere between 18-254 days for a person to form a new habit. This is based on a study executed by Maxwell Maltz in the 1950's. He was a plastic surgeon and through experience after a surgery, it took a person a minimum of 21 days to get used to a new feature (like a new nose). He published a book called
psychocybernetics and this finding made people think it took 21 days to create a new habit. It is important to note, this is where that 21 days rule came from, but it is simply more complicated. Fast forward to the 1960's: Phillipa Lally conducted a study that followed people who developed one habit. It concluded it took a minimum of 66 days average to create the habit.

Why create a habit?
Efficiency: It is efficient and becomes something that is beneficial for you to do and not think about (ie. putting on your seatbelt after you get in the car).

Improves Neuropathways in the brain: it improves your brain's ability to think for you, embedding behaviours that are useful in your brain and releasing dopamine every time you do it, rewarding you. It’s a great way to replace a habit that is not good for you with a new one that is healthy, like quitting smoking or eating food that is not good for you.

Improves Lifestyle: Nutrition and Physical activity
If you can see your habit through, you can essentially create a healthy routine simply out of habit, tweaking physical activity by committing to just 15 minutes a day, or eating certain foods every week – as you practice it and it becomes easier, your habit forms.

Habits change your body, your career and your relationships as a result of changing your mind
The feeling of locus of control is everlasting in one’s life. If you look at the situations in your life that make you unhappy – you can also source some sort of lack of control in most of the time. A breakup, a fight with your partner, chronic disease, issues at work. Over 21 years of practice, I can pinpoint moments in my clients lives where they lost control and, in an effort, to get it back made other decisions that compounded the situation.

As you grow yourself through healthy habits, it opens your mind to stillness and practice of slowing down to really think through the challenges at hand. It also allows one to focus on what is important versus feeling out of control not only with
situations but with health, which can be the largest stressor of all.

Personalization of habits is of supreme importance
Reflecting on what you want in your life in the moment and then progressing with it, allows one to transform their daily life into an efficient well-oiled machine.

Habits can evolve, change over time and they should!
You grow as a person daily from birth to death. There is no shortage of evolution in the life of a person. As life’s circumstances change and expand, so should your own consciousness and behaviours. Years ago, I struggled with my own health issues and a toxic relationship. As I evolved and came out of my situation, I realize that the
failure point with many was multifold. By automating aspects of your life with habits that improve how you feel about yourself and daily life, it gives you one less thing to think about allowing almost a new freedom to be who you need to be in order to progress and improve your life.

Now we have spoken some what about your mind, let’s talk about your soul:
Soul, otherwise, to me known as you happiness gradient, is hugely dependent on things are listed in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs:

Many of us – living in Canada and US who are on this call are probably above the basic needs tier. I want to point out – the safety tier unfortunately is not always fulfilled as we think it should because with the pandemic and for many women I
speak to daily domestic and intimate partner violence can be a fact of life. Having said that if we move up the pyramid, to the esteem need – here is where the habits piece falls into place. To get to higher level of self- actualization in my opinion, there needs to the feeling of prestige and accomplishment. This goes beyond others telling you how great you are, rather goes into you feeling that you can execute and fulfill your own needs in a few minutes a day. It sets the bedrock for larger things in life like finally launching a side hustle into a business or pursuing dreams of larger
things in life.

Promise and the Kaizen Method
By using just 15 minutes at a time, practicing healthy changes to the amount of physical activity you are committed to, nutrition you want to incorporate into your daily life and mindfulness routine – habits will form that work for you. Nobody here is going to ask you to wake up early or develop life hacks that work for everyone – although there is merit to that. Here we simply ask for you to consider a new roadmap for improvement small steps at a time. The small steps I use are very much like the Kaizen method. The Kaizen method allows for small changes over time to get to a larger goal and this allows for people to celebrate their successes overtime. This releases that dopamine from physiological perspective and fulfills the feeling of prestige and accomplishment from the need’s perspective. DOWNLOAD THIS AS A DOCUMENT


Five days following the start of this program, please submit to when complete.

Please be sure to record: sleeping times and physical activity even if it is a walk a day.

The act of filling this contract should help you get committed to yourself in this program. I recommend printing it and keeping it somewhere you will see it everyday. Some people keep it on their nightstand and others on wall beside their bed. 

Excited to start working with you! Please stay tuned for Module Two - in your inbox in one week's time. 


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