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where my heart lives

Family: a fine dance between love, forgiveness and structure. Family is Amy’s everything, her children form her tribe and teach her lessons of life that can be sometimes tough to swallow. Amy will tell you herself, parenting is an experience that is a privilege not a right. You earn the privilege of guiding your children and not controlling the outcome. Children are born with the inherent ability to lead you to their purpose, we are merely here to guide them.

Blended families add an extra flavour to the family and all challenges are met with great love and respect in Amy’s house. Her husband, Amir, joins in her sentiment and they both lead the family to experience new places, new foods and new skills.

Amy understands the impact having a family can have on anyone, whether you have children, stepchildren or no children. The dynamics of family can impact you and your paradigms into adulthood. She utilises a very personal approach through her programs to incorporate what is important to you and often things you may not realize that can impact your professional development.

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