Q: I’m too busy, how can I commit to another program I will pay for, but not be able to complete?

A: 15 Minutes a Day, is a program that will provide you a roadmap so you will know exactly what to do everyday as the work is already done for you! Your commitment will be approximately 15 minutes a day everyday and I am sure you can find that time. You may need to reduce social media time, or wake up fifteen minutes earlier. Either way we will teach you with 100% success on how to schedule your time in for the 12-24 week period.


Q: If I cannot pay the fee up front, what can I do to make payment more manageable? 

We have a monthly option where we split your payments into 3 affordable payments. Please note, if any payment is missed, you will be automatically withdrawn from the course and asked to pay an admin fee when reinstating. 


A: I am worried I won’t get results, do you have any guarantees? Can I get my money back?

This program, like any other, requires the participant to work on the prescribed techniques to ensure success is had. Success can vary depending on the participants commitment and ability to follow the program. Participants are required to sign a contract in the beginning of the program to make a pledge to themselves that they will follow the minimal requirements of the program. This program is also not a replacement for medically related conditions or anything outside of the scope of the program. If the participant is able to show they actively participated in the program for at least 3 months, kept journals and proofs of all physical, nutritional and mindfulness programming and can show no results, they will receive their money back with a deduction of an administrative fee amounting to 25% of the program cost. 


Q: I have some more questions and would like to speak to someone on your team. 

A: Please call us at 1-800-454-1556 or email us at hello@amysyed.ca to book a call.





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