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Amy Syed ventured into healthcare in Canada almost against her will. Her parents deemed her to be a doctor at birth and in the hopes of following her mother’s footsteps she was automatically employed in the family business: a busy walk in medical clinic located in Scarborough. From the age of 14, she started to learn about the ins and outs of the healthcare system from a primary care perspective.


She always remarks about how she loved interacting with the patients and understanding how healthcare worked. She learned of the gaps in the system, the long wait times, low availability of doctors to cover for the physician and the evolution of the system that went from a holistic approach to the person to a one issue per visit system. She learned that health is in the hands of the patients, and when it isn’t due to inequalities, preventative diseases can happen.


Tragedy struck when her father, who had always taken care of himself, developed advanced cancer. Suddenly, all these assumptions when out the window. It was traumatizing to say the least and losing him at the tender age of 20 took a toll on her. She decided to go into Kinesiology, the most holistic undergraduate program she could find. She made it her life’s work to better understand lifestyle, disease and the manifestation of why these things happen to some and not others. Through her work, she hopes to educate people on what they can do as individuals to live their best life, by becoming a conduit for better understanding of the impact of lifestyle on health.

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