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 “When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.” 

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Restorative exercise has so many benefits. It can allow awareness of yourself through form and is usually used in yoga practice due to the meditative nature of it. 

All our experiences live in parts of our physical body. If you want to check in on the connection of your physical self, record what you were thinking before you have a pain. Or review literature out there regarding German new medicine, Louise Hay’s spiritual practices and catalogues of historical data about the relationship between thoughts and experience and your physical body. 

This program was created to help you develop awareness and peace within yourself. As we progress through the program, we become more and more aware of the whole self. Your physical body is part of this. 


>>>The expectation as you go through the program is that you will be able to see improvements, weekly. The improvements are small improvements, but the purpose of this program is to improve over time, therefore giving you lifetime access to the materials. 

Physical exercise is delivered through short 15-minute exercises to improve your overall well-being through physical strength. We do not replace healthcare practitioner guidance so if you are in physical therapy, it is best to check in with Amy and your HCP for further approvals of the program (Amy can facilitate this for you). This is an easy to follow program that only requires short periods of time 4 days a week to implement. It is meant to be functional exercises but, in a sequence, so that it becomes restorative movement. We move from large muscle groups to smaller ones. 

As you learn the exercises, I encourage you to do the workouts with relaxing music (that can be downloaded) or your favourite audiobook that you listen to only during these workouts. 

The purpose to is to get your body moving regularly and create a relationship between the movements, your awareness of your physical self and the deeper part of your subconscious mind that regulates your self image and self-worth. 

Exercise has been proven for many centuries to allow our ancestors to create certain mechanisms that protect us and help us to survive. Thanks to these mechanisms, we have evolved and become a more resilient population of people. But the bigger question is: how resilient are we? 

If you imagine our selves for a moment and what we know to be survival mode: 

Survival mode forces our body to focus on survival, therefore making everything else take a back seat in our lives. 

In the past, this could have meant running away from a predator for survival. Today, although there are health benefits of literal running, that same need has also evolved into a lifestyle. 

We spend much of our days in our current lifestyle overbooked, over-scheduled, moving from hour to hour in a maximized way that allows for us to reach higher levels of success but causes burnout. Burnout is essentially our body telling our mind that “I can’t take this anymore”. The mind being a powerful entity in this mix, can over time disconnect it self from these triggers and continue pushing beyond capacity. Now you are in a dangerous loop: 

How does exercise help in this program? 

As you exercise regularly, it becomes second nature. It gives your body the ability to slow your physical self down and create a space for physical activity that is not strenuous on the body. In turn, your stress levels should feel easier to deal with on these days. If you enjoy high impact exercises, it is recommended on the days you do this workout, you do not engage in the high impact exercise. 

This is to be a restorative session, where you are connecting with the large muscle groups in your body and creating an experience of the workout. It is letting go of thoughts that may be ruminating and focus on a whole connection with your body as part of your self-love and self-awareness journey. 

The exercises included here are meant to provide you with a workout framework, that will teach you slow and deliberate movement during functional workouts. 

With these workouts: 

1) You will create a strong physical framework of your body which will make you stronger in your will and understanding of self. 

2) The musculature communicates with your brain to create a habit of exercise which is beneficial to your mental state. 

3) The exercise is a 15-20 minutes of movement so anybody can do it no matter what your situation is. 

4) Especially important: if you are unsure of movements of have injuries, send Amy and email and she will send you alternatives for exercises. 


Thank you for joining us and now let us get started!

Please download the Workout Instructions Below:

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Day One

Week One

Day Two 

Week Two

Day Three

Week Three

Day Four

Week Four

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

 If you are like everyone else when they start this course you’re thinking: “I am going to do this course, all of it and get the results I expect to get in the course!”. 

Most, if not all, participants enter this course with their experiences before the course. They have been doing HIIT (high intensity, interval training) workouts, they have been pushing themselves to limits, or have experience in their “previous lives” with long distance running, hitting the gym for hours….or think they have! 

For those of you that have been working out like fiends (of course when you had time), the stress you put on your body can make you feel good in the moment (you have the endorphins releasing and are on a euphoric high) but in the long run, especially if you’re stressed, it does you no good. The back to back meetings, reduction of breaks to fill space for business, giving excessively to family and friends, all of this can result in burn out over time. 

In fact, the level of punishment your body is going through is not sustainable and if you are already emotionally drained, it adds to stress your body is under releasing cortisol and toxins into your body over time. 

Quantum Genius will give you results in a slow, gradual and intentional manner, so goals are attainable, and you experience successes along the way. The mental component that you can call mindset is so important and you have to believe you are winning and you are executing on it, to get to the next module and succeed in that module. The plan for this course is by design and incremental for small change - building up to large changes overall. 

Around the third module, you will start to see progression in the program and what it means to you and others. I want to share the thought process of why this program is so successful and so darn easy to follow - to help you through that 2 week hump. 

Also, some tips and tricks to help get you through the program: 

1. In a Harvard study, it was noted that exercise not only reduces stress, but aerobic exercise that is non-vigorous can help to reduce cortisol levels and stress hormones. This program is very much about using your 15 minutes of exercise to do just that. 


2. We do not provide a routine that will stress your body but rather get you used to working out consistently everyday (4-5 days a week) for small improvements over time to (Kaizen method) to get to your larger goals. Your mental well being and reduced stress on your body is of paramount importance in this program. Your incremental achievements and celebrating those successes makes this program successful. Therefore, we expect that you are able to commit to reduced activity before you start to implement additional activity. Practice the meditations often, listen to tracks of relaxing music. 

3. You are here for a reason, if you are stressed and have no time for yourself, following the pace of this program should set you up to be able to complete the first round of the program exactly how it is. Modules will be released to you weekly through the program, so it is important that you execute when they are released and you are following through on the tasks assigned in the manner they are laid out. 


4. Each module represents one week of the program. Please try to stay on schedule and read the modules as they are released so you know what your activity is going to look like for the week. The productivity planner should be filled as you receive the module a week in advance so you know what your week will look like for those activities in the program. 


5. When you run into trouble, have questions or just need a helping hand, email us at We will get back to you as soon as we can (within 24 hours) and ensure you have the support that you need. This is available 24 hours a day. 


6. As you start to see results – I want to hear from you!! To get to this point: YOU HAVE TO STICK TO THE PROGRAM! If you cannot be consistent at the 15 minutes a day rate, you will not experience the benefits of the program. We cannot guarantee results, but we can guarantee improvements if you stick to the program! 


Please keep all of these statements in mind when executing on this program! It is if paramount importance you finish and get what you need out of this program. We can’t wait to see your results on the other side!  Download this section as a PDF


PLease check back regularliy, as I will be adding to this meditation.

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