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Making progress!

 This program uses some incredibly famous methods to teach you how to implement change in a small and effective way that reduces stress but allows you to make large strides over time. 

This is called using the Kaizen Method. Kaizen is a Sino-Japanese word that means “improvement”. The method is used by many but most famously used in business to make small improvements for overall change by improving processes and programmes – it reduces waste (in time and materials) to produce a “lean” result. Like its practice in the world of business, in the world of psychotherapy and coaching – I use this method successfully to help people reduce the noise and focus on what is important. The concept of 'Kaizen' places the emphasis on process rather than outcome, with the result (outcome) becoming a by product of what we are doing here together. 

Let us take a moment to re-visit 15 minutes a day as a concept with this lens. 

The activities provided to you as your roadmap for the next 11 weeks will be small steps in the direction of your larger why. The program provides the how, so you really spend most of your time and energy doing what you love. 

The activities provided to you as your roadmap for the next 11 weeks will be small steps in the direction of your larger why. The program provides the how, so you really spend most of your time and energy doing what you love. 

In the following 11 weeks: 

Spend 15 minutes a day minimum in each domain: nutrition (planning), exercise and mindfulness concepts shared with you...

Be aware of the main pillars of the program to help you get to healthy success (these will be taught in today’s module). 

The pillars are supportive of your larger goal(s) and to create healthy habits. As discussed before, creating the healthy habits will also make room for the focus and progress you will make for your larger purpose in this program. 

As you progress through the program, your daily tasks should become easier and easier to fulfil. 

If we re-visit your daily tasks submitted last week, can you highlight trends you notice? Are you spending a lot of time doing things that are not serving you? 

Are you sacrificing quiet time for chaos or unnecessary efforts on things that do not deserve your effort? These can be things like: 

- Tending to children, when you have a nanny or help (delegating) 

- Procrastinating to avoid completing a goal for the day (procrastination)

- Talking yourself out of the effort to put forth a healthy plan for yourself (self-sabotage) 

- Feeling too tired to exercise so lying down or napping instead 

You should have now received your productivity planner in the mail. If you have not, it is on its way! The productivity planner is a compulsory part of this program and should help in streamlining your activities, so you become more focused on the tasks at hand. 

The next module will discuss details about the productivity planner and how to use it to serve you in this program. For now, we encourage you to continue to track at least 5 days a week this week. Document is attached to your module for your reference. Please incorporate new activity in the program this week. View as PDF


 Pillars of the program: Sleep, hydration, and exercise! 

As you might have guessed, when taking a holistic approach to things, it is impossible to improve one part of yourself without serving the others. The ultimate mission for this program and my coaching company is to inspire change in the world by improving one life at a time. If we are feeling chaotic within ourselves, and simply surviving, it is not ideal to try and improve the lives of others, our communities, our countries, or the world. The more people we have improving themselves makes way for a more wholesome existence and therefore makes way for social and organic change for the better around the world. 

Today we start at the most primary parts of who we are and make small improvements to these aspects to make overall gains in the long run. The program will take you through two cycles of 84 days (12 weeks), because it takes 66 days to make a habit this program should be able to take you through more than the average 66 days and two rounds to obtain one and may be two improvements you would like to make in your life. 

Please note this program is made to be completed at 5 days a week with weekends off. Having said that, many people like to continue it 7 days a week. All concepts can be utilized 7 days a week, but I would request that the workouts are on hold to allow your body to rest and repair for better overall results. 

Sleep Hygiene 

The average adult requires 7- 8 hours of sleep a night to get the amount of sleep needed to repair the body and feel rested in the morning. Sleep that is disruptive or shorter than 7 hours over a period of time can result in serious health issues over time. Short term effects can be low mood, irritability, inability to feel motivated throughout the day. In the long run, it can cause heart disease, chronic fatigue and even in some cases dementia. 

If you are reporting week 1: sleep less than 7-8 hours consistently, you should develop a sleep routine that improves this. The following steps can make sleep more restful and prepare you success in getting the sleep that you need. Please note, for those of you who are new parents and are unable to sleep throughout the night, please email us at for work arounds of a personalized consultation. We can also refer you to a sleep consultant. 

1) Sleep in your bedroom at night only. If you feel sleepy during the day, drink a tall glass of water, and go for a walk instead. If you cannot walk for any reason, bike, or do any other cardiovascular activity that will wake you up. 

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2) Turn you phone off or keep it in a room outside of your bedroom when you go to sleep. Do not use your device or watch TV for at least one hours before sleep (preferably two hours). 

3) For activities before you sleep read, have sex, and/or meditate. 

4) Set the intention as you fall asleep that you will have a rich and relaxing sleep and wake up with energy. 

5) For meditations: body scan meditation and sleep meditations work well.

Please see reference material or access YouTube videos here for body scan and sleep (for beginners). 

Walking/Exercise Routine 

This program is not designed to make you an elite athlete, although you could use it to develop habits of an elite athlete. We do, however, teach you how to get active and stay active for the benefit of your health. The workouts here are prescribed to get you active at a pace of 15 minutes a day, every other day. If you are physically unable to workout due to illness or injury, you can replace that 15 minutes with a walking routine or biking routine. Any exercise that gets your resting heart rate to increase at 50% to 60% its usual rate for at least 10 minutes1. 

Warmups will always take at least 3-4 minutes. This is how long it takes you to get past your period of the uncomfortable feeling you have when you start working out. In the fitness world, this would be the period it takes for your body to get through the lactic acid period at the beginning of your workout. See the workouts attached for every week. Schedule time to do them, preferably at the same time every other day. If you workout at the same time everyday, you know how to plan your day around it, it should be when you have the most energy (like when you wake up), and I often engage in an activity that is a compounding activity: I listen to audiobooks when I workout. I love reading, so I combined that with my workouts. I will keep one book I listen to every workout and if I want to hear more – I workout more. 


Benefits of working out/walking/or cardio program: 

-Staying active: Lifestyle you want to implement that becomes a habit and therefore, is not something you think about everyday as a negotiation or punishment but rather as part of your lifestyle. 

Improves your mental health: physical exercise improves your ability to focus, create new neuropathways in the brain (with new exercises) and gets your endorphins going, resulting in a rewarding effect on how you feel overall. 

Strengthens your heart and reduces blood pressure: Reduces your LDLs (low density lipoproteins) and increases your HDL (good cholesterol). Reduces your risk of stroke by 27%. 

Lowers risk of chronic diseases reduces risk of Type 2 diabetes by 60% and certain types of cancers by 20% 

Tones and build muscles: Muscles increase your resting metabolic rate which means you burn more calories just doing nothing with increase to your muscle mass. 

Increases energy: Makes you feel like a million bucks! You will feel more alert and energized throughout the day.

TIP: Replace naps or sleepy periods of the day with a brisk walk or your 15 minute a day workout. 

Improves your Mood reduces stress and anxiety 


Eases joint pain reduces pain even in arthritic sufferers, lubricating joints and strengthening the muscles that supports those joints. 

Boosts immune function: Can protect your through cold/flu season. A study on over 1000 men and women proved that walking 20 minutes a day at least 5 days a week resulted in reduction of sick days by 43%! 

Nutrition and water intake 

We will talk about nutrition more next week but today we will focus on drinking water and making this a priority in the coming week. 

This week: let us pick a bottle you will use to drink water daily. Add 3 rubber bands to it. Fill the water in the morning, drink throughout the day. Every time you finish a bottle and refill, slide rubber band up as a marker for completion. Repeat with the others. If you want to increase the number of bottles your drink, you can add rubber bands as you like up to 8. For now, 3 is a good start! 

Mindfulness: An Introduction 

We determine the meaning of our lives and day to day activities by the meaning we give to the events that happened to us. The program is an exercise of pushing yourself to new boundaries that are healthy, to start to focus on what is important at your core. To get there, we must work with your why and the meaning you are giving the first step to start this course with the understanding that eventually your ‘why’ will evolve as you evolve. 

Today we start by focusing on the contract you signed and determining this week what your 'why' will be. To start, practice this meditation at least 3 times this week at your own pace and as you see fit. You will be getting more guided meditations as we progress in the program. 

The program is designed to give you a sense of stillness throughout your day, to reduce chaos around you and to give you the piece of mind you need to make clear decisions, think clearly and practice self-love. We will progress this concept over the coming weeks with more additions to your roadmap for the program. View as PDF.


Please track week two with the form provided in the link above, please submit to when complete.

Please fill out the form provided in the link above. 

The health benefits of regular physical activity are clear; more people should engage in physical activity every day of the week. Participating in physical activity is very safe for MOST people. This questionnaire will tell you whether it is necessary for you to seek further advice from your doctor OR a qualified exercise professional before becoming more physically active.

Please submit to when complete.

Making progress! Please stay tuned for Module Three - in your inbox in one week's time. 


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