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Buying Local, Supporting your Local Businesses

Avoiding Fast Fashion

Being a conscious purchaser means thinking about the impact your spending can have on others. There is an ongoing impact that occurs on the environment, local economies and resources, employment, and the ability for communities to survive.

Environment is directly impacted by purchasing items that are shipped and the carbon footprint is growing. CO2 emissions are greenhouse gases accumulate from thrown clothing, books and other items we throw away when purchasing items that were easy to purchase and thrown. Yes, we can purchase them in store as well. But studies prove that with the advent on online shopping “fast fashion” allows clothing to be purchased cheaper and faster, filling closets and being thrown away quicker. Today we throw away clothing and it ends up in landfills, contaminating water and ultimately leaching toxins into out water supply.

Supporting your local economy also means creating sustainable communities. It empowers local businesses to flourish, giving municipalities value in property, sustainability and to flourish. Infrastructure and businesses provide longevity to it’s citizens. Employment rates improve, entrepreneurs succeed and overall we all benefit in democracies. Globally, it allows for locals to support one another and create sustainable resources, where economies grow via local resource sharing.

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